The Whole Story on One Page

The Beginning
  My Name Is Victoria Winters
  Victoria Winters arrives in Collinwood.
  Victoria Winters meets Burke Devlin.
  Vicki's obsession of her origin causes friction with Elizabeth.
Vicki threatens to leave Collinwood.
  The Mystery of The Bleeder Valve
  David enter the drawing room covered in grease and grime.
  Vicki pays a visit to Mathew Morgan.
Vicki meets Burke by Roger's car in the garage leading Vicki to believe Burke may had tampered with Roger's car.
†† Out of curiosity, Carolyn pays a visit to Burke Devlin
  Burke give Carolyn a ride home, and Carolyn invites him into Collinwood.
  Burke attempts to convince he's only there for a short visit and claims to want to patch things up.
  Roger agrees to meet Burke at The Blue Whale.
  Roger crashes his car on the way to The Blue Whale.
  Roger tries to accuse Burke of murdering him.
  David gives copy of Popular Mechanics to Vicki's as a gift.
  David steals a letter from Vicki.
  While searching for the letter, Vicki finds the bleeder valve in David's drawer.
  Vicki tells Elizabeth about the valve in David's drawer and puts it in her dresser drawer.
  Vicki bring Elizabeth to her room to show her the valve but it is gone... along with David and the valve.
  David pays Burke a visit and plants the valve under his couch cushion.
  Burke finds the valve and brings David home. He lies to Roger about David and the valve. Roger doesn't buy it.
  Elizabeth learns that David was the one who sabotaged Roger's car.
  Elizabeth tells the sheriff it was Mathew's fault and blames it on a faulty valve and lets David off the hook.
  Carolyn's Crush on Burke
  Joe Haskell gets into a brawl with guys hitting on his girlfriend, Carolyn Stoddard.
  Burke breaks up the fight and sends Carolyn Home with Joe.
  Burke offers Joe money for his boat in exchange for information on the Collins'.
  Elizabeth blurts out that his relationship with Carolyn was a setup.
  Vicki tells Carolyn she had breakfast with Burke Devlin. Carolyn becomes giddy.
†† Out of curiosity, Carolyn pays a visit to Burke Devlin.
  Carolyn takes a trip to Bangor to Follow Burke.
  Burke gives Carolyn his designer fountain pen.
  Roger confiscates Burke's pen from Carolyn.
  Carolyn learns Vick had paid Burke a visit to his hotel room and resents Vicki.
  The Murder of Bill Malloy
  Bill Malloy attempt to set up a meeting between Roger, Burke and Sam to settle scores.
  Bill Malloy gets Sam Evens drunk to get him to talk.
  Bill Malloy is at Collinwood to confirm that Roger will be at the meeting between Sam Evans and Burke Devlin then leaves to attend.
  Roger, Sam and Burke meet at the cannery but Bill Malloy never shows.
  Carolyn and Vicki see a dead man washed ashore at Widow's Hill.
  Roger accuses Burke for the murder.
  Vicki finds a fountain pen on the beach.
  The pen turns out to be Burke's pen Roger confiscated from Carolyn.
  Roger notices the pen on David's desk in Vicki's possession and steals it while Vicki's not looking.
  Roger buries the pen in an undisclosed location.
  David lies and tells Vicki he stole it and hid it in the west wing.
  Vicki follows David to the west wing to a room and David locks her in.
  Vicki sees the ghost of Bill Malloy in the room on the west wing.
  While in the room, Vicki finds the name B. Hanscom on the invoice from Garner and Garner.
  Burke, accused for Malloy's murder, set up a sting on Roger involving the pen.
  The Verdict "It was an Accident".
  Garner and Garner In Search of B. Hanscom
  After Vicki's ordeal of being in captivity, Elizabeth lets her go to Bangor for the weekend.
  Vicki goes to the law office of Garner and Garner where she meets her future beau Frank Garner.
  Vicki begins dating Frank Garner.
  Mathew Morgan
  Mathew Morgan admits to pushing Bill Malloy off Widow's Hill.
  Mathew hold Vicki hostage in the cottage and escapes when Elizabeth pays a visit.
  Vicki, ready for a weekend with Frank Garner, sets out to search for David.
  She finds him at the old house where Mathew was hiding out.
  Vicki notices her wallet's missing and goes back to the old house alone.
  Mathew takes Vicki hostage in the secret room.
  Vicki is visited by the ghost of Josette Collins and tells her not to worry.
  Burke and Joe Haskell set out to find Vicki.
  Mathew is attacked by ghosts Vicki is rescued.
Laura The Phoenix
  Laura Collins
  Laura arrives in Collinsport
  Sam reveals to Roger Laura's back in town
  Laura arrives at Collinwood
  David finally meets his mother
  Laura moves into Mathew's Cottage
  Vicki sets up a rendezvous for Laura to see David
  Laura tells David about the Phoenix
  The Fiery Portrait
  Sam is compelled to paint a fiery portrait
  Sam's painting becomes Laura in the fire
  Vicki's compelled to bring Sam's painting home
  Laura threatens Sam and burns his hands
  David's face now appears in the fiery painting
  The Phoenix fire
  The body of Laura Collins was found burned in a Phoenix fire
  Lt. Dan Reilly found a locket in Phoenix fire
  Lt. Reilly suspects Laura of murder
  A report from Phoenix shows the woman's body matches Laura's
  The body in Phoenix had disappeared
  Dr. Peter Guthrie
  Elizabeth tells Laura she can't see David anymore
  Lead by the smell of Jazzman Vicki leads Frank to a crypt
  L. Murdoch Stockbridge Died by Fire 1735-1767
  Laura casts a spell on Elizabeth
  Elizabeth slips into a deep trance
  Professor Guthrie Arrives at Collinwood
  Dr. Guthrie suggests a séance should be held
  The séance is held Josette speaks through Vicki
  A recording of the séance was mysteriously erased
  The body in Phoenix had disappeared
  Dr. Guthrie & Vicki learn of Laura's powers
  Dr. Guthrie recruits Joe Haskell to open a grave
  Josette opens the coffin to reveal an empty casket
  Joe Haskell finds the faded article of a fire in 1867
  Laura causes Dr. Guthrie's car to burst into flames
  The Fire
  A second séance is held with David at the Old House
  Burke appeals to David to go on a fishing trip
  Laura tells to David to go to the fishing shack
  David meets Laura at the fishing shack and it catches fire
  Elizabeth recovers from her trance
  Laura burns in the fire The Phoenix is reborn
Barnabas Collins 
  Jason McGuire
  Jason McGuire shows up at The Blue Whale
  Elizabeth returns from the hospital
  Jason McGuire arrives at Collinwood
  Jason begins blackmailing Elizabeth
  Willie Loomis joins Jason at The Blue Whale
  Willie arrives at Collinwood
  Willie starts harassing Carolyn and Vicki
  Burke gives Willie a pounding at The Blue Whale
  Willie Loomis turns up missing
  Jason forces Elizabeth to give him a job
  Jason McGuire proposes to Elizabeth
  Carolyn learns her mother is marrying Jason McGuire
  Elizabeth allows everyone to go to the basement room
  Carolyn introduces her new boyfriend Buzz to Elizabeth
  Jason announce the wedding date is in two weeks
  Elizabeth admits to Vicki she killed Paul Stoddard
  Barnabas confronts Jason McGuire
  Elizabeth lead to Widow's Hill by the three widows
  Elizabeth attempts to jump from Widow's Hill
  The Wedding of Jason and Elizabeth
  FLASHBACK: Elizabeth recalls the murder of Paul Stoddard
  Sheriff Patterson & Burke dig up the cellar for Paul's dead body
  Sheriff Patterson & Burke find only an empty crate
  Jason blackmails Willie for jewels from the Old House
  Jason opens Barnabas' coffin and he kills him
  Barnabas The Vampire
  Willie Loomis hears a heartbeat from the portrait of Barnabas
  David tells Willie about Naomi Collins' Jewels
  While searching for jewels, Willie opens Barnabas' coffin
  Cousin Barnabas arrives at Collinwood
  Joe announces his Uncle's calf's blood had been drained
  Willie shows up at the Blue Whale in a trance
  Elizabeth allows a sickly Willie Loomis to stay
  Elizabeth permits Barnabas to live at the Old House
  Willie Loomis is summoned by Barnabas to go to the Old House
  Vicki learns Willie Loomis is working for Barnabas
  Maggie Evans - Part 1
  Maggie gets a visit from Barnabas at the diner
  Barnabas asks Sam Evans to paint his portrait
  Maggie has a nightmare of walking through a graveyard
  Barnabas bites Maggie Evans
  Maggie begins to show signs of decadence
  Dr. Woodard is brought in to examine Maggie's illness
  In a trance, Maggie is lead to Eagle Hill cemetery
  Maggie was brought home. Woodard re-examines her
  At the Evans' cottage, Vicki is terrorized buy howling dogs
  Maggie's neck wounds appeared to have reopened
  Maggie had been brought to Collinsport Hospital
  Maggie Evans - Part 2 - Josette
  Maggie escapes the hospital and is lead to the Old House
  At Collinwood, Maggie appears to be missing
  Barnabas possesses Maggie to believe she is Josette
  David is greeted by Josette/ Maggie in the Old House
  Willie and Maggie's blood samples go missing
  Maggie regains her identity and is locked in in Josette's room
  Barnabas locks Maggie in the cellar dungeon
  Maggie Evans - Part 3 - Sarah Collins
  The Ghost of Sarah Collins appears to Maggie Evans
  Sarah gives Maggie a riddle on how to escape the dungeon
  Sarah appears to Sam and tells him where to find Maggie
  Sam draws a portrait of Sarah
  Willie has a run-in with the ghost of Sarah Collins
  Dr. Woodard shows Maggie the drawing of Sarah Collins
  Dr. Julia Hoffman
  Introducing The Great Dr. Julia Hoffman
  Maggie escapes Barnabas and she's brought to Dr. Woodard
  Maggie is sent to Windcliff under the care of Dr. Hoffman
  Maggie hears Josette's music box in her head
  Julia brings Maggie to Eagle Hill to restore her memory
  Julia learns that Maggie's abductor could be a Collins
  Dr. Julia Hoffman poses herself as a family historian
  Sarah Collins Part 2 - David's Imaginary Friend
  David encounters The Ghost of Sarah Collins
  David sees a picture of Sarah in the family album
  David brings Sarah to Collinwood and she disappears
  Sarah takes David to the secret room in the mausoleum
  Vicki mentions to Barnabas that David plays with Sarah
  Barnabas goes to Eagle Hill and hears Sarah's flute
  Maggie Evans - Part 4 - Sarah Collins
  Maggie escapes Windcliff and shows up at The Blue Whale
  Julia hypnotizes Maggie for the first time
  Maggie finally goes back home
  Sarah appears to Maggie. Barnabas attempts to kill her
  Maggie begins to remember and Julia re-hypnotizes her
  Dr. Woodard shows Julia that the doll is over 150 years old
  Sam and Dr. Woodard pay a visit to Eagle Hill Cemetery
  Dr. Woodard removes Maggie from Julia's care
  Sam's paper headlines reads "Another Girl is Attacked"
  Dr. Woodard suggest a trap for her attacker
  Word gets out when Sam lies that Maggie's memory returns
  Barnabas decides he must kill Maggie Evans
  Willie insist that he should warn Maggie about Barnabas
  Willie is gunned down at the Evans' cottage
  Barnabas shocked to find out about the setup
  Maggie finally get a good night's sleep... The end
  Barnabas vs. Burke for Vicki Winters
  Barnabas informs Willie of his next victim... Vicki Winters
  To lure Vicki, Barnabas decides to host a costume party
  At the costume party, a séance is held
  Josette speaks through Vicki at the séance
  Barnabas gives Vicki Josette's music box
  Vicki is to spend the night in Josette's room
  Barnabas' first attempt to bite Vicki but backs off
  Burke begins prying Barnabas about his background
  Vicki announces her engagement with Burke
  Burke continues to suspect Barnabas for kidnapping Maggie
  Barnabas pleas to Vicki to tell Burke to stop spying on him
  Vicki scolds Burke for spying and threatens to not marry him
  Barnabas and Burke make amends and call a truce
  If Barnabas Is To Survive
  In a mirror, Julia discovers Barnabas is indeed a vampire
  Julia breaks into the Old House and finds Barnabas' coffin
  Julia, hiding in her room, waits for Barnabas' arrival
  Julia tells Barnabas that she knows his secret
  Barnabas has Willie prepare a laboratory for Julia
  Barnabas becomes extremely skeptical about Julia's treatments
  Julia learns about the secret room at the mausoleum
  Barnabas hides Maggie's ring in Willie's room to frame him
  Willie comes out of his coma and is found to be insane
  Sarah lets Dr. Woodard see the secret room first hand
  Dr. Woodard learns of Julia's experiment with Barnabas
  Dr. Woodard sneaks into Julia's room & steals her notes
  Barnabas orders Julia to prepare a death serum for Dr. Woodard
  Julia & Barnabas pay Dr. Woodard a deadly visit
  Barnabas & Julia murder Dr. Woodard by heart attack
  Sarah Collins Part 1 - David's Terror of Barnabas
  At the mausoleum, Sarah leads David to the secret room
  David's in the mausoleum Barnabas & Willie arrive
  While hiding from Barnabas David is trapped in the mausoleum
  Sheriff Paterson goes to the Old House to search for David
  Joe and Roger go to Eagle Hill in search for David
  David escapes the secret room but Barnabas catches him
  Burke arrives and brings David back to Collinwood
  In the secret room, Barnabas finds David's pocket knife
  David has a nightmare about Barnabas' fangs
  Barnabas decides he must kill David
  David begins to be terrified of Barnabas' portrait
  Barnabas confronts David in search for honest answers
  David dreams of watching Barnabas rise from his coffin
  Julia attempts to hypnotize David but fails
  Vicki challenges Burke to investigate the truth about Sarah
  David sneaks to the Old House & finds the cellar door locked
  Barnabas sends a bat to David's room to terrorize him
  Dr. Woodard believes David's story about Sarah
  Sarah Collins Part 2 - David's Terror of Barnabas
  Sarah warns David to stay away from the Old House
  David sneaks into the locked basement of the Old House
  Barnabas finds David standing there by his coffin
  Burke & Woodard go to Barnabas' basement only to find no coffin
  Woodard & Burke check out the secret room. It wont open
  A psychiatrist, Dr. Fisher is brought in to examine David
  Sarah lets Dr. Woodard see the secret room first hand
  Dr. Woodard learns of Julia's experiment with Barnabas
  Sarah pays Carolyn a visit & begs her not to send David away
  Carolyn tells David she believes him about everything
  Carolyn sneaks over to the Old House to find the truth
  Barnabas catches Carolyn at his coffin and bites her
  Carolyn warns David about mentioning Barnabas' coffin
  Elizabeth decides to have Vicki take David to an institution
  Barnabas' Pine For Vicki
  The Fulfillment of Barnabas' Pine For Vicki
  On the terrace, Barnabas attempts to bite Vicki again
  Burke tells Vicki he has to take a trip to South America
  Julia hints to Barnabas about her feelings towards him
  David has a premonition of Burke's accident
  Elizabeth gets a call about Burke's plane crash
  Barnabas promises Vicki that she will marry... But who?
  Out of jealousy, Julia warns Vicki to stay away from Barnabas
  Barnabas reminds Julia of their doctor/patient relationship
  Julia speeds up the experiment & Barnabas begins to grow old
  Julia hypnotizes Vicki & brings her to Barnabas' coffin
  Julia finishes her experiment & Barnabas wrinkles and grays
  Julia encourages Barnabas to pay Vicki a visit
  Barnabas Collins vs. The Dr. Julia Hoffman
  Barnabas catches Carolyn at his coffin and bites her
  Carolyn was summoned to Barnabas' beckoned call
  Vicki is in a hypnotic state. Julia tells her of Barnabas' motives
  Carolyn goes head-to-head with Julia
  Vicki shows signs of doubt towards Barnabas
  Barnabas suspects Julia is responsible for Vicki's behavior
  Carolyn spies on Julia and Vicki at Barnabas' coffin
  Barnabas orders Carolyn to steal Julia's red note book
  Julia hides the book in the grandfather's clock in the foyer
  Julia has Tony Peterson lock her book in his safe
  Barnabas performs a ritual to bring Woodard back to haunt Julia
  Dr. Woodard's ghost appears in Julia's bedroom window
  Carolyn begins dating Peterson only to get Julia's notes
  Sarah appears to Julia. For killing Dr. Woodard, she wont help her
  Julia gets locked in the mausoleum. Blood trickles down Sarah's tomb
  Julia is haunted by supernatural activity caused by Barnabas
  Carolyn attempts to steal Julia's book from Peterson's safe
  Sarah Collins Part 3 - David's Return
  David returns home from Boston
  Sarah finally appears to Barnabas
  Vicki receives the bad news that Burke IS dead
  David sees Sarah who warns death by the dead from the past
  Julia admits to Elizabeth that David has been telling the truth
  Julia convinces Elizabeth that a séance must be held
  A séance is held to contact Sarah Collins
  Carolyn fakes to be the receiver of Sarah's message
  Vicki is chosen to be the true receiver for Sarah Collins
  The lights go out and Vicki is replaced by a girl from 1795
  Vicki finds herself in a strange time... Back in 1795
  A Strange Girl In a Strange Time
  Victoria Winters finds herself back in year of 1795
  Vicki meets Barnabas, but he doesn't recognize her
  Vicki learns Barnabas is to marry Josette on Dec. 20th 1795
  Abigail Collins accuses Vicki of being possessed by the Devil
  In the "NEW" house, Vicki mistakes Jeremiah for Burke
  Joshua agrees to keep Vicki on as Sarah's governess
  Angelique PART - I (Ben Stokes)
  Angelique arrives at Collinwood (The Old House)
  The Countess du Prés sees evil through her tarot cards
  Barnabas mentions to the Countess that Vicki's clairvoyant
  Angelique begs for Barnabas' love but is rejected
  Barnabas' fiancé Josette du Prés arrives at Collinwood
  With a toy soldier, Angelique uses voodoo on Barnabas' throat
  While picking poisonous herbs, Angelique meets Ben Stokes
  Angelique concocts a slave potion for Ben Stokes
  Angelique - PART II (Jeremiah & Josette)
  Angelique sets up to cast spells on Jeremiah and Josette
  A gift arrives for Josette & Barnabas turns out to be a skull
  Josette's Rose Water is tainted by Angelique's love potion
  Under the spell, Josette pays Jeremiah a seductive visit
  Jeremiah's toddy is now tainted by Angelique's love potion
  Barnabas receives the cold shoulder from Josette
  Jeremiah and Josette meet in the garden and kiss
  Naomi present, Natalie predicts betrayal through the cards
  Naomi has a tarot card dream of Jeremiah & Josette kissing
  In Naomi's dream, she sees the fork sign of the Devil
  While serving tea, Naomi sees the pitch fork mark on Josette
  Angelique washes the fork sign off Josette's hand
  Millicent notices the pitch fork sign on Jeremiah's hand
  The Suspect: Victoria Winters
  Angelique turns Joshua into a cat
  The Countess du Prés accuses Vicki of being a witch
  Nathan Forbes warns Vicki of Natalie's accusations
  Vicki alters the tarot cards to warn Natalie of betrayal
  The cards tell Natalie that Barnabas must marry in 24 hours
  Abigail witnesses the cat turning back into Joshua in a puff
  Angelique - PART III (The Betrayal)
  Jeremiah attempts to leave to avoid betrayal to Barnabas
  To keep Jeremiah home, Angelique turns Joshua into a cat
  Natalie insist Barnabas to marry Josette within 24 hours
  Angelique uses Jeremiah's hanky for Josette's poisonous corsage
  Josette turns up missing from her own wedding
  In search of Josette, Barnabas sees a false vision of Jeremiah
  The vision of Jeremiah leads him to Josette's wedding veil
  Josette & Jeremiah marry and are staying at the Inn
  Josette demands to go back to Collinwood and face the truth
  Barnabas returns to find Josette & Jeremiah are married 
  Barnabas challenges Jeremiah to a duel
  Barnabas shoots Jeremiah and Josette denounces him
  Angelique tells Josette that she is marrying Barnabas
  Reverend Trask - PART I (The Witch Hunt - pt. 1)
  Natalie and Abigail conspire to sick Reverend Trask on Vicki
  Abigail sends for the Reverend Trask to exorcize the witch
  Nathan Forbes offers Vicki help but she declined his offer
  Trask bound and gags Vicki to a chair with help from Abigail
  Vicki is tied to a tree by Trask to prove she's a witch
  Angelique overhears Trask's test for the witch... Vicki
  Barnabas and Forbes set out to find Vicki and free her
  Barnabas and Nathan Forbes bring Vicki to the "New House"
  Using witchcraft, Angelique burns down the testing tree
  Trask & Natalie find the tree dead and burnt to the ground
  Trask demands a full investigation of the Collins family
  Angelique catches Forbes bringing food to Vicki Winters
  Reverend Trask questions Angelique
  Angelique fakes a spiritual revelation to the Reverend Trask
  Joshua and Trask search the "New House" for Vicki
  Trask spots the food Forbes left for Vicki
  Trask tells Forbes his career's in jeopardy for harboring a witch
  Forbes tells Barnabas to leave Vicki on her own
  The Reverend Trask attempts to exorcize Josette
  Angelique - PART IV (The Ghost of Jeremiah)
  Angelique uses voodoo on Sarah to blackmail Barnabas to wed her
  Barnabas contemplates marrying Angelique
  Barnabas submits to marry Angelique
  Josette is visited by the ghost of Jeremiah Collins at 2:00 AM
  Jeremiah dies on his death bed at 2:00 AM
  Josette & Naomi see Jeremiah's hand rise from his grave
  Joshua attempts to talk Barnabas out of marrying Angelique
  Angelique is damned by Joshua for marrying Barnabas
  Jeremiah's ghost appears to Josette in her bedroom
  Joshua moves the Collins family into the New House, Collinwood
  Natalie is locked out of her room at Collinwood by Jeremiah's ghost
  Natalie's bedroom is bloodied and torn up in shambles
  Jeremiah threatens to haunt Barnabas if he marries Josette
  Barnabas insists to Joshua that he marry Angelique immediately
  Joshua denounces Barnabas for marrying Angelique that night
  Naomi gives Barnabas the deed to the Old House as a gift
  At the Old House, Jeremiah's ghost appears to Angelique
  In her gown, Angelique sees her reflection cover in blood
  Again, Barnabas' bride disappears on his wedding night
  Jeremiah abducts Angelique to bury her in his own grave
  Ben rescues Angelique from Jeremiah's grave
  Angelique - PART V (The Witch Hunt - pt. 2)
  Abigail begins to suspect Angelique in helping the witch
  Barnabas has Ben bring Vicki to the Old House
  Vicki confesses to Barnabas that she came from 1967
  Angelique finds Vicki hiding in a room at the Old House
  Angelique sends Ben to Abigail's room to fetch her ribbon
  Ben gets caught and tells Abigail a witch sent him
  Angelique summands Sarah to the Old House to see Vicki
  Abigail and Joshua follow Sarah to find the witch... Vicki
  Angelique cast a spell burning tarot cards on Vicki's room
  Trask exorcizes the Old House to weed out the witch
  Vicki's room catches fire and runs right into Trask' hands
  Barnabas hears Angelique saying incantations in her room
  Angelique - PART VI (The Vampire Curse pt. 1)
  Barnabas and Angelique become husband and wife
  Josette's music box starts playing in Angelique's bedroom
  Reverend Trask performs an exorcism at the Old House
  Barnabas becomes suspicious of Angelique being the real witch
  Ben finally tells Barnabas the real witch IS Angelique
  Barnabas attempts to poison Angelique's sherry
  A final wedding gift arrives... The portrait of Josette
  Barnabas attempt to stab Angelique in her sleep but fails
  Angelique admits to Barnabas of all the witchcraft she had afflicted
  Angelique warned Barnabas of Josette's fate
  Barnabas goes to Collinwood to warn Josette
  Angelique uses a bat for eyes to spy on Barnabas
  Barnabas warns Josette of danger and urges her to leave
  Angelique performs voodoo on Sarah to threaten Barnabas
  Barnabas shoots Angelique in the shoulder and kills her
  Angelique puts the vampire curse on Barnabas
  Suddenly a bat attacks Barnabas & bites him on the neck
  Angelique - PART VII (The Vampire Curse pt. 2)
  Josette & Natalie are away at The Three Bells Inn
  Ben finds Angelique & Barnabas and brings Barnabas to his bed
  Angelique's comes to Barnabas' bedroom and appears to be alive
  At The Three Bells Inn, Josette's neck starts to bleed
  Angelique attempt to reverse the curse but fails
  Josette and Natalie decide to go back to Collinwood
  Josette finds Barnabas lying on the floor, wounded
  A doctor examines Barnabas and declares he has the plague
  Josette turns to Vicki's witchcraft for help with Barnabas
  Vicki tells Josette to read the Collins' history book from 1967
  In the book, Josette learns she will die of her own hand
  She also learns that Barnabas will go to England and prosper
  As Josette tells him about moving to England, Barnabas dies
  To prevent scandal, Joshua declares Barnabas is in England
  Josette finds the Collins' family history book was true
  Joshua pays Angelique $20,000 to leave Collinsport
  Angelique and Ben find Barnabas' resting place at the mausoleum
  Angelique attempts to drive a steak in Barnabas' heart
  Barnabas awakes in his coffin and strangles Angelique to death
  Sarah Collins (The Vampire Curse pt. 3)
  Barnabas sadly learns he needs human blood to survive
  At the Gaol, Vicki warns Naomi of Sarah's death
  Sarah gives Josette a candle promising Barnabas' return
  While placing the candle in the window, Sarah sees Barnabas
  Sarah searches for Barnabas at the mausoleum and is locked in
  At the docks, Barnabas bites the neck of Ruby Tate
  Barnabas finds Sarah in the mausoleum
  Naomi realizes Vicki's predictions may be true. Sarah's missing
  Ben finds Sarah hiding behind the gravestone of Jeremiah
  Ben brings Sarah home and she comes down with pneumonia
  In a subtle way, Sarah requests to see Barnabas at her bedside
  Sarah dies in Barnabas' arms. He blames it on the curse
  Josette Collins (The Vampire Curse pt. 4)
  Barnabas orders Ben to drive a steak through his heart
  Barnabas pays his almost final visit to Josette
  Ben carries out his orders but is stopped by Angelique
  Josette has a dream which draws her to the cemetery
  Just as Maggie did in 1967, Josette goes to the cemetery
  Josette meets Barnabas in the mausoleum and bares his fangs
  Josette tells Millicent that she saw Barnabas
  Compelled, Barnabas goes to Josette's room and bites her
  Barnabas gives Josette his famous onyx ring
  Natalie notices Barnabas' ring on Josette's index finger
  Josette collapses in the foyer and Joshua sees the ring on her
  Joshua locks Josette in her bedroom with Riggs on guard
  Joshua suspects Barnabas' grave had been robbed, 
  Joshua goes to the secret room and finds Barnabas' coffin empty
  Joshua and Natalie go to Josette's room and she's gone
  Josette is found at the Old House in a trance and collapsed
  Ben prepares coffins for Barnabas and Josette
  As prophesized, Josette loses her onyx ring and glass breaks
  Josette is lead to Widow's Hill by Angelique' ghost
  Angelique shows Josette a vampire vision of herself
  Barnabas arrives to save Josette from jumping off Widow's Hill
  Josette struggles with Barnabas then jumps to her death
  Barnabas shows his rage against society for the death of Josette
  At Josette's grave, Barnabas begs her to rise and she refuses
  Josette's corps arrives at the Old House for Barnabas to see
  Josette's corps unveils her disfigured face to Barnabas
  Seeing her disfigurement, she is ordered her back to her grave
  Peter Bradford: Attorney at Law
  Vicki is being held at the Collinsport gaol
  Barnabas tells Vicki he knows she is NOT the witch
  Barnabas and Vicki plead with a judge for leniency
  Vicki tells him the truth of how she got to 1795
  A jailer named Peter Bradford agrees to serve as her Attorney
  At the Gaol, Josette tells Vicki she wont rest until she hangs
  Peter and Vicki decide to confiscate the book from Josette
  Peter insist he tell Trask he allowed Vicki to go to Collinwood
  At the Gaol, Vicki warns Naomi of Sarah's death
  Vicki commences her love for Peter Bradford
  Mrs. Suki Forbes Nathan Forbes - PART I
  Cousin Millicent arrives at Collinwood from New York
  Jeremiah tells Nathan about Millicent's wealth
  Millicent accepts a date with Nathan Forbes
  Nathan Forbes and Millicent Collins are engaged
  Forbes has a run in with his wife at the Eagle (The Blue Whale)
  Nathan's wife Suki, learns he's to be wed through the bartender
  Suki shows up at Collinwood and says she's Nathan's sister
  Nathan offer to pay Suki to leave Collinsport. She demands $5,000
  Nathan and Suki agree to meet at the Old House to discuss it
  Suki goes to the Old House and Barnabas strangles her to death
  Millicent finds out that Nathan is married to Suki
  Millicent attempts to stab Nathan with a knife but fails
  Under the belief Forbes killed Suki, Joshua disses Forbes
  The Trial of Victoria Winters
  Joshua insist that only Abigail will testify against Vicki
  The witch trial of Victoria Winters begins
  Peter goes to Collinwood to speak with his only witness. Ben
  Trask is determine to get the Family History book from 1965
  Peter Bradford buries the Family History book in the cemetery
  Trask tries to convince Denial to testify against Vicki
  Peter Bradford asked Nathan Forbes to testify for Vicki
  The Reverend Trask convinces Forbes to testify against Vicki
  Barnabas orders Ben to testify for Vicki
  Ben testifies that the dead Angelique is the real witch
  The ghost of Angelique shows up in court and denies all allegations
  Peter digs up Angelique's grave and find absolutely nothing
  The Vampire Curse pt. 5 Reverend Trask - PART II
  Millicent runs into Barnabas at Eagle Hill Cemetery
  Millicent tells Joshua and Naomi she saw Barnabas
  In the secret room, Joshua finds Barnabas in his coffin at rest
  Abigail forces her way into the Old House & goes into the cellar
  Abigail watches Barnabas rise from his coffin and screams
  Barnabas bares his fangs at Abigail and she has a heart attack
  Nathan Forbes begins probing Ben for Barnabas' whereabouts
  Barnabas uses black magic on Trask as revenge for Vicki
  In a dream, Barnabas summands Trask to the Old House
  Summoned by Abigail's voice, Trask goes to the Old House
  Barnabas forces Trask to sign a confession that Vicki's innocent
  Barnabas seals Trask in a bricked tomb in the basement
  Peter Bradford hands Natalie Reverend Trask's confession
  Millicent Nathan Forbes - PART II
  Nathan runs into Maude Browning at The Eagle
  Barnabas attacks Maude Browning and loses his cane
  Barnabas kills Maude Browning and puts her in Trask's room
  Trask demands Forbes to dispose of Maude Browning&#39s body
  Forbes blackmails Trask to deliver a note to Millicent
  Nathan sets up a scam to deem himself a hero to Millicent
  Noah Gifford, attacks Millicent with Barnabas' cane
  Nathan plays out the part of rescuing Millicent from her attack
  Nathan's plan works and Millicent agree to marry him
  Nathan blackmails Joshua for approval of their marriage
  Nathan and Millicent become husband and wife
  Nathan learns Millicent put her fortune under Daniel's name
  Nathan learns if Millicent goes insane he could have her fortune
  Nathan convinces Millicent she's losing her mind
  Nathan orders Millicent to go to the tower room
  Barnabas bites Millicent on the neck
  The Vampire Curse pt. 6 The Tower Room
  Forbes tells Joshua he knows his secret... Barnabas is alive
  Joshua goes to the Old House to see for himself and it's true
  Joshua insist that Barnabas shoots himself with his gun
  Joshua takes matters in his own hands & shoots him in the heart
  Joshua learns that Barnabas can't be shot dead for he IS dead
  Joshua locks Barnabas in the Tower Room
  Joshua summands the Natalie to the Old House to help Barnabas
  A séance is held to summon a witch to reverse the curse
  A witch named Bathia Mapes arrives at Collinwood
  Bathia Mapes senses Barnabas is not at Collinwood
  Joshua goes to the tower room and finds Millicent there instead
  Joshua notices that Barnabas had bitten Millicent on the neck
  Bathia sends a candle light to seek out Barnabas at the docks
  Barnabas returns to the tower room to face Bathia Mapes
  Angelique talks through Barnabas and attempts to kill Bathia Mapes
  Joshua takes Barnabas to the Old House for a 2nd ceremony
  Millicent watches as Barnabas & Joshua leave to the Old House
  Millicent tells Naomi & Forbes of Barnabas' whereabouts
  Bathia performs the ceremony and is interrupted by Naomi
  Bathia is burned to death of fire of Angelique's spirit
  Victoria's Execution The Finalé
  Peter decides to use the History book as last line of defense
  Vicki is found guilty and is sentenced to be hanged
  Barnabas tells Joshua that Angelique is the witch
  Joshua attempts to sway the Judge for Vicki's release
  The Judge states there is nothing he can do for Vicki
  Vicki is shot while Peter helps her escape from the gaol
Adam & Eve 
  Vicki & Barnabas
  Vicki's Return
  Julia's Threat
  Barnabas' Cure
  The Car Crash
  Dr. Eric Lang
  Cassandra Collins
  The Host Body
  Death of Dr. Lang
  Nicholas Blair
  Buried Alive
  Nicholas' Adam
  The Dream Curse
  Barnabas dreams Angelique will return him to vampirism
  Jeff has the dream Behind his door is a guillotine
  Dr. Lang has the dream, His headless creation behind door
  Julia has the dream in which she finds a skeleton
  Mrs. Johnson has the dream and finds bats
  David has the dream and finds a giant spider web
  Willie has the dream in which we finds a wolf.
  Stokes plans to stop the dream curse by being the beckoner
  Stokes has the dream  and Angelique appears to him
  Sam tells Victoria the dream He dies before he can finish
  Cassandra raises Sam’s ghost Sam tells Victoria the dream
  Victoria has the dream in which Barnabas beckons her
  Barnabas admits defeat and asks her to spare Victoria
  Barnabas has the dream and a bat attacks him
  The dream curse kills Barnabas He survives because of Adam
  Adam Takes a Bride
  Nicholas' Man-made Race
  Danielle Roget (Eve)
  Peter and Eve
  Adam Kills Eve
  To Save Victoria Winters 1796
  Jeff Clark is Peter Bradford
  Jeff Clark's Magic Potion
  The Grave of Victoria Winters
  Return to 1796
  Angelique agrees to save Victoria
  Barnabas Sets Angelique on Fire
The Werewolf 
  Chris Jennings
  Chris Jennings' Arrival
  The Moon of Hotel Room
  Werewolf Attacks Waitress at the Blue Whale
  Joe shoots Chris after he changes
  Joe goes insane and is sent to Windcliff
  Barnabas locks Chris in the secret room of the mausoleum
  Sabrina Stuart
  The Connection Between Quentin and Chris
  Quentin's Ghost
  Amy Jennings Talks the Ghost of Quentin Collins
  David & Amy meet the Ghosts of Quentin & Beth
  Quentin poisons Chris' drink
  David and Amy become possessed
  Quentin chases everyone out of Collinwood
  In the hidden room Stokes finds I-Ching wands
  Julia tells everyone David's in a coma and will die
  Barnabas uses the I-Ching to contact Quentin to save David
  Barnabas' Arrival
  Barnabas "wills" Sandor Rakosi to release him from his coffin
  Quentin Returns From France
  Barnabas Shows Up at Collinwood
  Quentin threatens Barnabas with a sword
  Edith recognizes Barnabas as being the secret
  The Will
  Carl Collins Edith's Death
  Quentin and Evan plot to fix the will
  Evan summons Angelique
  Sandor is caught forging the will
  Judith learns she's the sole heir of the will
  Jenny Collins
  The Secret of the Tower Room
  Quentin sends Jamison to steal Barnabas' cane
  Jenny knocks Dirk out and escapes the room
  Quentin is stabbed to death Jenny admits killing Quentin
  Angelique raises Quentin from the dead
  Quentin wanders around the house as a Zombie
  The Reverend Gregory Trask
  Trask performs ceremony Quentin is back to normal
  Nora sees her mother's face in the fireplace
  The Return of the Phoenix Laura Murdoch Collins
  Magda finds her sister... Jenny
  Quentin strangles Jenny to death
  Quentin the Werewolf
  Magda places a curse on Quentin
  Quentin changes into the werewolf while Beth watches
  Trask is suspicious of Barnabas' vampirism
  Trask asks Judith to marry She agrees
  Quentin (werewolf) is caught and is sent to jail
  Evan & Trask convince Judith to commit herself to a sanitarium
  Charles Delaware Tate paints a portrait of Quentin
  Charity has a vision of September 10th of Quentin's death
  Barnabas and Magda find the portrait of Quentin
  Quentin is rid of the werewolf curse
  Hand of Count Petofi
  Magda returns from Boston with the Hand of Count Petofi
  The hand is used on Charity. It Cures her from Barnabas
  The hand grabs Evan's face which becomes disfigured
  The hand is used on Quentin He becomes disfigured
  Evan Handly steals the hand from the old house
  Quentin steals the hand just as Aristede arrives at Evan Handly's
  Victor Fenn-Gibbon arrives at Collinwood
  Petofi emerges with the hand re-attached
  Petofi forces Julia to tell him I-Ching is the key to time travel
  Petofi realizes that he must have a body in the future
  Petofi Transfers his mind with Quentin's
  Petofi uses I-Ching but is interrupted by Beth
  Petofi, in Quentin's body loses power of the hand
  Quentin uses the powers of the hand to switch bodies back
  Garth Blackwood's ghost burns Petofi
  Back to 1796
  Barnabas hypnotizes Kitty Somes into becoming Josette
  Barnabas finds himself back in 1796
  Josette waits for Barnabas but he never shows
  Barnabas, disorientated, find a mysterious alter
The Leviathans
  The Leviathan Box
  Barnabas is greeted at the alter by Oberon and Haza in 1796
  Barnabas returns to 1969 with the Leviathan box
  Barnabas gives the Todds the Leviathan box
  Paul Stoddard greets Carolyn at the Blue Whale
  David steals the Leviathan book
  The Todds care for a mysterious new infant
  Olivia Corey aka Amanda Harris
  David enters a tunnel in the Leviathan alter
  Elizabeth has a dream in which she's in a house of mirrors
  Grant Douglas
  Barnabas runs Quentin over with his car
  We learn Quentin thinks he's Grant Douglas
  Julia hypnotizes Grant to regain his memory
  Quentin meets Olivia Corey
  Quentin moves in with Olivia Corey
  Mr. Best visits Amanda Harris Tells her she has 7 days to live
  Julia retrieves the portrait of Quentin Collins
  Grant gains his memory back He learns he IS Quentin
  Quentin goes to Amanda's place to begin Mr. Bell's journey
  Knowing he and Amanda can't touch, touches her and she dies
  A Boy Named Alexander
  Paul circles the date 12/4/1969 He wonders "Why did I do THAT?"
  The Todds begin caring for a boy named Alexander
  Alexander circles 1/15/70 Paul's calendar is marked too
  A Boy Named Michael
  David and Elizabeth go to the antique shop to find Michael
  Barnabas warned of being returned to a vampire
  Julia opens the box but is unaffected
  Michael meets Carolyn Alexander was sent home
  Michael traps Maggie inside the secret door
  Philip Todd goes inside the secret door to find Michael
  Maggie thought she killed Philip Todd and escapes
  Jeb Hawkes
  Quentin, Angelique & The Painting
  Paul Stoddard is attacked by the Leviathan creature and is killed
  The Leviathan takes human form... It is Jeb Hawkes
  Jeb Hawkes goes to the sheriff in monster form and kills the him
  Jeb Hawkes accuses Barnabas of Betrayal
  Jeb introduces himself to Carolyn (His bride to be)
  Jeb announces that the wedding will be on Friday
  Barnabas explains everything about the Leviathans to Julia
  Sheriff Davenport comes out of his grave and walks away
  Bruno arrives at the antique shop
  In the tomb, Jeb Orders Maggie to open the Naga box
  Jeb catches a bat to return Barnabas to a vampire
  Jeb places the bat in the Naga box
  Barnabas opens the box and is bitten by the bat
  Barnabas sets the Antique shop on fire
  Nicholas Blair returns and scolds Jeb for mistakes
  Barnabas bites Megan Barnabas learns about Sky
  Angelique learns that Blair and Sky are partners
  Jeb asks Julia to cure him so he can be human
  Carolyn tells Jeb she loves him
  Jeb smashes the Leviathan box and the altar is destroyed
  Angelique puts the shadow curse on Jeb
  Jeb and Carolyn marry and plan to leave Collinsport
  Jeb kills Nicholas Blair with the cut-out shadow
  Sky kills Jeb by pushing him off Widows' Hill
1970 in Parallel Time
  The Strange Room 1970/1970 PT
  Searching for Megan, Barnabas finds the parallel time room
  In PT, Julia and William Loomis argue over a book
  Barnabas' urges become unbearable and enters PT
  1970 Parallel Time
  Barnabas meets parallel time Carolyn and bites her
  Quentin's Master of Collinwood His wife Angelique recently died
  William confronts Barnabas' coffin with a cross and chains
  Alexis Stokes aka Angelique
  Alexis Stokes, Angelique's twin sister shows up at Collinwood
  Alexis is convinced Angelique is at Collinwood
  Angelique's body is found perfectly preserved in her coffin
  The body Angelique awakens and switches places with Alexis
  Angelique poses as her twin sister Alexis
  Barnabas discovers that “Alexis” is really Angelique
  Roxanne Drew
  Hoffman learns Barnabas is a vampire
  Original Julia shows up and kills Parallel Julia saving Barnabas
  A woman named Roxanne is used to keep Angelique alive
  Roger reveals that he killed Angelique
  Roxanne regains consciousness Angelique dies
  Timothy Stokes sets fire to avenge Angelique's death
Gerard Stiles... The Head of Judah Zachery
  Barnabas and Julia discover they are in 1995
  Julia and Barnabas find Carolyn half insane
  Ghost of Gerard Stiles staring out the window of Collinwood
  Stokes’ exorcism in 1970 caused Gerard’s destruction
  Barnabas & Julia return to 1970 through a stairway
  Barnabas & Julia 1970 find a girl named Hallie Stokes
  Barnabas finds the playroom in 1995 does not exist
  Barnabas finds that Gerard Stiles lived in 1840
  Gerard Stiles is seen in a photograph taken by David
  Julia finds plans by a Quentin's stairway into time in 1840
  Carrie & Tad now possess David and Hallie
  Gerard summons zombies back to life to destroy Collinwood
  As Collinwood is destroyed the stairway into time appears
  Julia escapes the chaos but the zombies capture Barnabas
  Julia opens Barnabas' coffin he does not recognize her
  Barnabas from 1970 uses I-Ching to travel back to 1840
  Desmond Collins returns with the head of Judah Zachary
  Julia possessed by Judah is made to join the head & body
  Judah’s body is destroyed by fire Julia is released from his power
  Gerard puts the mask on Judah takes possession of him
  Judah poses as Gerard to get revenge on the Collins family
  Daniel has left Gerard control of the Collins fortune
  Quentin is formally charged with witchcraft
  Desmond is also charged with witchcraft
  The judges find Quentin guilty and sentence him to be beheaded
  Valerie brings Judah's & interrupts Quentin's execution
  Quentin & Desmond are released with all charges dropped
  Julia & Barnabas use Quentin's stairway to time & arrive in 1971
1841 in Parallel Time
  Catherin & Morgan
  Daphne Harridge hears music from the East Wing of Collinwood
  Morgan and Catherine get married
  The Lottery
  Quentin finds the plague hits Collinwood if the lottery is refused
  The Lottery is held Gabriel is chosen
  Gabriel paid a friend to switch places with him
  Justin Collins' ghost warns that the lottery must be held again
  The lottery is held Catherine is chosen
  Morgan locks himself in before Catherine can be taken there
  Morgan is possessed by the spirit of James Forsythe
  Flashback: In 1680, Brutus Collins set the curse on Collinwood
  Brutus Collins appears to Melanie she becomes insane
  Brutus warns that the lottery must be held again
  The lottery is held Kendrick is chosen
  Morgan discovers that Catherine is carrying Bramwell's child
  Morgan knocks out Bramwell and locks him in the room
  Morgan locks Catherine in the room with Bramwell
  Catherine & Bramwell survive Brutus' attempts to destroy them
  Brutus declares they have won the curse is broken
  Morgan falls off the roof of Collinwood and dies
  Thayer David: Bramwell becomes the new master of Collinwood

Original Series Epilogue