April 1971


Episode 1244
1841 PT
(COL 26/DISK 2 #8)

Tape Date: March 23, 1971
Air Date: April 1, 1971 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan
Jonathan Frid as Bramwell Collins
Grayson Hall as Julia Collins
Lara Parker as Catherine Collins
John Karlen as Kendrick Young
Keith Prentice as Morgan Collins

The Great House at Collinwood in the year 1841. When the Collins family lived under the terror of a century and half old curse. On this night, Morgan Collins, having learned the truth about his wife Catherine and his cousin Bramwell, has locked Bramwell in the dreaded room in the west wing. Catherine has pleaded with Morgan to have mercy on Bramwell and let him out. Morgan has finally agreed, and the two are on their way to the west wing. Catherine unaware of the treachery that is soon to occur.

Bramwell, who's downstairs in the file room, comes upstairs and finds that Morgan has locked Catharine in the room with him.

The clock in the foyer shows 9:00. Kendrick, frustrated, asks Julia, "How can we just wait here? Why don't we do something? Why don't we call Carrie Stokes? Maybe she can help!" Julia answers, "No, That's already been tried. It didn't help." Morgan comes into the room. Julia asks him, "How's Catharine?" Morgan replies, "I assume she's all right." Julia, puzzled, asks, "Assume? What do you mean assume?" Morgan replies, "She's not here anymore. She's left Collinwood forever." Julia remarks, "Left? Without saying goodbye to anyone?" She asks to speak to Morgan alone, and Kendrick leaves.

Julia tells Morgan she knows why he must have sent Catharine away, that it's because she's pregnant with Bramwell's child. She asks how he found out. He tells her about overhearing them at the gazebo, that it's the why he tricked Bramwell into going into the room as revenge. Julia ponders, "How strange. It's just like what happened originally between Brutus, James and Amanda". She then gasps, "Oh no! Catharine hasn't left! You've locked her in the room!"

In Brutus' room, Catharine and Bramwell hear a ghostly wind and an eerie sound. Bramwell tells Catharine not to be afraid, but Catharine replies, "Catharine? Why do you call me Catharine? My name is Amanda! The only way that this will end is if you kill me then kill yourself!" Bramwell tells her, "NO! Fight it, Catharine!" Catharine replies, "If you won't do it, I will!" A knife suddenly appears on the desk. Catharine grabs it and tries to stab herself, but Bramwell grabs her, prevents her from doing so, shakes her out of it and exclaims, "You will not have her, Brutus! She is mine and you will not take her from me!"

Julia demands to have the key, but Morgan just turns and leaves. Kendrick returns. Julia tells him, "I don't think Catharine's left. I think Morgan's locked her in the room with Bramwell. We've got to find the key!"

The sound of ghostly wind and eerie noises once again fill Brutus' room. Bramwell confidently challenges, "Brutus! Show yourself!". Suddenly, he grabs his throat and starts to strangle. Catharine shakes him, saying, "Bramwell! You've got to snap out of it!" and he stops choking.

Julia and Kendrick search Morgan's room for the key. Kendrick throws up his hands and exasperatedly tells Julia, "It's no use! It could be anywhere in this house. He might have it on his person!" Julia agrees. Morgan comes in and angrily tells them they have no right to be in his room. Julia tells him she's learned one important thing. She tells him she's sure now that Catharine hasn't left because all her clothes are still here. Morgan laughs uproariously. He is totally mad now.

The clock in the foyer shows 5:45. Kendrick tells Julia, "Only 15 minutes!" Morgan comes into the drawing room and announces that he's going to open the door now. They tell him they'll go with him, but he insists on going alone, saying, "This is my moment, and I want it for myself!" He threatens not to open the door if anyone goes with him. They let him go alone.

Morgan goes to the door of Brutus' room. He mutters to himself, "I can't lose! If they're dead, I win. If they're crazy, I win. But if, against all odds, they're all right, I'll have to use this..." In his hand is a gun...

Episode 1245
1841 PT
(COL 26/DISK 2 #9)

Tape Date: March 24, 1971
Air Date: April 2, 1971 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift
Joan Bennett as Flora Collins
Jonathan Frid as Bramwell Collins
Nancy Barrett as Melanie Collins Young
Louis Edmonds as the ghost of Brutus Collins
Grayson Hall as Julia Collins
John Karlen as Kendrick Young
Lara Parker as Catherine Collins
Thayer David as Ben Stokes
Keith Prentice as Morgan Collins
Gordon Russell as Harris, The 2nd Footman

Collinwood just before dawn...the most important dawn the Collins family has ever faced. For Morgan, knowing that his wife carries Bramwell's child, has put her in the locked room with him. And, as the rest of the family pray that Bramwell and Catherine may survive the night, and that the curse upon them all may come to an end, Morgan goes down the corridor to the room determined that if the spirits in the room have left Catherine and Bramwell alive...he will kill them.

Morgan opens the door and goes in. Catharine and Bramwell are nowhere in sight. Morgan figures they must be downstairs and prepares to go there, but the ghost of Brutus appears and tells him, "No! You shall not have them! They are mine!"

Downstairs, Bramwell notes to Catharine, "It's almost dawn! It'll be all over soon!" Catharine replies, "Yes! Brutus has tried all through all through the night to harm us, but every time, he has failed, each time, one of us has helped the other!" Brutus once again appears and tries to strangle Bramwell, but the cock crows and he disappears. Catharine and Bramwell rejoice, "It's over! We've broken the curse! The power of our love has broken the curse!" and embrace.

They go upstairs but are confronted by Morgan. Morgan shoots Bramwell, who falls. Kendrick and Julia come running into the room. Morgan grabs Catharine and runs off with her. Bramwell, who only has a flesh wound in the arm, exclaims, "He's taking her to the secret passage at the end of the hall!" and, against Julia's warning that he's hurt, gets up and gives chase. Kendrick tells Julia to go see if Melanie is OK and gives chase too.

Julia and Flora go to the tower room to check Melanie. They awaken her and find that she is apparently all right, that she has no memory of the the past few days. They explain to her that Bramwell and Catharine spent the night in the room. Melanie asks, "Are they all right?" They tell her, "Well, they got out of the room all right." She asks, "Left the room all right?" Julia leaves. Flora tells her the whole story.

Julia goes into the drawing room. She hears a sound coming from behind the secret passage and gasps. The secret passage opens. Kendrick steps out. She lets out a sigh of relief. He tells her that they haven't managed to find Morgan and Catharine yet, that they clearly heard them in there but have not found them yet. He tells her that Bramwell is still in there looking for them, that he's just come out to see Melanie briefly then will go back and join Bramwell. Julia tells him Melanie is OK.

Morgan drags Catharine out a door onto a high balcony. He tells her, "You want Bramwell? Well, I'll get him for you!" He goes to the door, shouts, "Bramwell! Bramwell!", then comes back, drags her to the balcony, forces her to look down and tells her, "Can you imagine yourself falling, screaming all the way down? Can you imagine hitting hard ground at the bottom?" The door opens, and Bramwell comes out onto the balcony. Morgan tells him, "You've come just in time to see Catharine die!" Bramwell begs him to let Catharine go and let him take her place. Morgan refuses, saying they're both going to die, that he's going to kill her then him. Suddenly, Kendrick rushes onto the balcony and tackles Morgan. Kendrick and Bramwell struggle with Morgan. In the fight, Morgan is shoved against the railing of balcony. The ancient timbers give way and Morgan falls off.

Flora tells Julia she has ambivalent feelings about Catharine, that she has to admit that she feels she is somewhat responsible for what happened to Morgan. Julia tells her she shouldn't feel that way, that she should be grateful to Catharine and Bramwell for ending the curse instead.

Kendrick convinces Melanie that it's all right for her to leave Collinwood now. She starts packing.

Catharine tells Bramwell she feels guilty, that she feels she caused the whole tragedy by marrying Morgan when she should have married him instead in the first place. Bramwell tells her it's not her fault and not to feel guilty.

The clock in the foyer shows 10:00. Flora, Julia, Bramwell, Catharine and Kendrick are in the drawing room. Kendrick is waiting for Melanie, wondering what's taking her so long to pack. Suddenly, Ben Stokes and a servant come in through the front door. They are carrying Melanie with them. Ben Stokes exclaims, "We found her in the woods! She's been attacked by some sort of animal!" Ben and the servant put Melanie onto a couch in the drawing room. As they put her down, her head tilts to the side, revealing two holes in her neck. Ben remarks, "If I didn't know better, if I didn't know it was impossible, I'd say she'd been attacked by a vampire!"

(Fade to the portrait of Barnabas in the foyer. A voice over by Thayer David says...)

"There was no vampire loose on the great estate. For the first time at Collinwood, the marks on the neck were indeed those of an animal. Melanie soon recovered and went to live in Boston with her beloved Kendrick. There they prospered and had three children. Bramwell and Catherine were soon married, and at Flora's insistence, stayed on at Collinwood, where Bramwell assumed control of the Collins business interests. Their love became a living legend. And for as long as they lived, the Dark Shadows at Collinwood were but a memory of the distant past."

(This ends Dark Shadows. This episode, which originally aired on April 2, 1971, was the last show in the series.
The show was abruptly cancelled and replaced by "Password".)

 Original Series Epilogue
Here's What Really Happened to Barnabas and Co · By Sam Hall

When Dark Shadows recently went off the air, the audience was left with all of the troubled characters - and many questions as to their fate. We had certain long-range plans for most of them - but what the characters would do with the rest of their lives can only be fantasy. However, after three years of living with them, I feel I know moments of their future.

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard remained the matriarch of Collinwood. After the sudden death of her brother Roger, she was determined to hold the Collins' family empire together until Roger's son David was old enough to take over and she did with the help of an elegant, very bright man from Boston to help her and with him she finally found some personal happiness.

Roger Collins, just before this death, discovered the secret that his cousin Barnabas was a vampire, but he told no one, and vowed to end Barnabas's unhappy existence. Armed with a stake and a hammer, he discovered Barnabas's coffin during the daytime, but Angelique appeared and killed Roger. She forced Willie Loomis to carry Roger's body to the woods, where it was found. Death was attributed to a heart attack.

Shortly after the funeral, Mrs. Johnson was cleaning out Roger's room. She swore later that a cold hand had touched her. At first everyone felt she was simply hysterical. But one night, Carolyn saw Roger's ghost standing in the great hall. The ghost pointed a spectral finger at the portrait of Barnabas Collins. When Carolyn implored the spirit to speak, it disappeared.

Carolyn, with the aid of T. Eliot Stokes and Julia Hoffman, attempted a séance to find out why Roger's spirit could not rest. But the séance was unsuccessful. It is known that on certain stormy nights Roger's ghost can be seen coming down the stairs, staring at the portrait of the man who caused his death.

Carolyn Stoddard found herself more and more interested in the world of the occult. She knew that with the death of her husband Jeb Hawkes one part of her life was finished and she was determined to understand the unknown forces which had taken him from her. She began studying with T. Eliot Stokes and then went to a large university which had a department of psychic research. While there she discovered that she herself was the reincarnation of Leticia Faye, a woman who had lived at Collinwood during the 19th century.

Working with various mediums she became a psychic-research investigator. She published many books on the supernatural and established a foundation to examine the existing evidence of the world beyond. She continued to regard Collinwood as her home and established a mother-daughter relationship with Amy Jennings which contributed greatly to the stability of that confused and very scared young child.

Years later Carolyn re-met Adam who had loved her so deeply. He had become a successful and sophisticated man, and he wanted to marry her. But she knew she could not go back in time. They parted warm friends.

As time went on Quentin Collins found living at Collinwood more and more difficult. He was unable to forget his love for Daphne, though both she and Gerard were finally at peace. And he was afraid to love again - afraid that his own secret would be discovered. For, as long as Charles Delaware Tate's portrait existed, Quentin would not age. And he well knew that if he destroyed the picture, he would suffer the awful curse of the werewolf.

Finally, he left the town of Collinsport to roam the world - Athens, Alexandria, India... always hunting some solution for his existence. And with each country, he became more and more withdrawn. He became more aware that he could never become close to another human being.

Often he was tempted to return to Collinwood, destroy the portrait and kill himself before the full moon could cause him to change into the wolf man. But some slight hope stopped him from doing that. For, at the beginning of his travels, he had heard rumors that there existed a man - a man with a wooden hand and miraculous powers. A man who had transcended time - a Count Petofi. And so Quentin kept on, looking for the Count, knowing that if he could find him again perhaps the Count could take pity on him and help him find peace at last.

Maggie Evans, who left Collinwood with Sebastian Shaw returned a year later a divorced woman. She moved into her father's cottage and began working at Wyndcliff, the private sanitarium. There she re-met her former fiancée, Joe Haskell. With her help, Joe managed to regain his sanity. He left the sanitarium with no memory of Angelique and the circumstances which had caused him to lose his mind. Joe and Maggie married. He returned to the Collins' fishing fleet. They lived happily in Collinsport.

But Chris Jennings and Sabrina Stuart did not have Maggie and Joe's luck. For they found they could not run from the curse that afflicted him. Though they had a few days of happiness when they left Collinsport they were both aware that time was their enemy. For soon the moon would be full and Chris would become the werewolf again. They constructed a cell to lock him in. But when he became the wolf man, he broke out of it and killed Sabrina. Her brother found her body that same night. The following morning, Chris returned to their home. When he discovered what he had done, he committed suicide.

Barnabas was deeply affected by Chris's death. He and Julia Hoffman had tried desperately to help Chris. Barnabas identified with him very much. He began to feel that it was only a matter of time until he too would become a victim of his curse. When he learned from Angelique that Roger had discovered his secret, his depression deepened. Again, Barnabas felt that he had brought new tragedy to those he loved at Collinwood. He knew that his vampirism would be discovered.

Julia and Willie Loomis decided they must get Barnabas to leave Collinsport. They were both willing to sacrifice their lives and travel with him. He finally agreed to go, but just before they were to start, Barnabas became very ill. Julia was astonished. She knew that Barnabas could not, because of his vampirism, have human ailments. Yet the mysterious fever so ravaged him that Julia feared for his very existence.

She suddenly realized that there could be only one explanation for Barnabas's illness. Adam. She remembered the mysterious link which began to exist when Barnabas helped bring Adam to life. At the time Adam disappeared from Collinwood, they knew that if he died, Barnabas would, too. Julia knew she must find Adam, wherever he was. Adam must have the same fever. He had to be cured if Barnabas were to be saved.

Enlisting the aid of T. Eliot Stokes, she did find Adam - in the Far East. She managed to cure him, but in the course of the treatment, she contracted the illness herself. She was near death when Barnabas - well now - came to her. He realized how he loved her, and promised her that if she lived, they would marry.

They were married in Singapore. Barnabas felt they must never return to Collinsport. Angelique must not find them - for she would never allow Julia to live. So they stayed on. Julia began working with an Asian doctor and experimented with a new treatment which she was positive would take away the curse of Barnabas's vampirism. They began the treatments. They were successful. Barnabas Collins at last could walk in the light of day - walk with the woman he loved, but walk with an ever present fear - a fear that Angelique would find them, and destroy the only happiness he had had in his life.

No audience will see these stories playing out. But for those for whom the characters were real, these are merely signposts pointing the direction the characters might have gone.

This piece was originally published in TV Guide (October 9, 1971). Original series writer Sam Hall was asked to write it in reaction to the vocal complaints of the show's viewers, disappointed at the many unresolved plotlines left after the show's hasty cancellation. In 1995, Roger Davis narrated an abridged version to accompany MPI Home Video's release of the final episode.